The Common Man's Cryptocurrency

CryptocurrencyTROPTIONS are not the same as the more familiar cryptocurrencies on the market.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dogecoin are highly speculative coins that rise and fall with celebrity announcements, rumors, and plenty of hype.  The process of getting into cryptocurrency is much like buying a stock.  You put your money into one of many offerings and hope that you licked a winner.

TROPTIONS are the literal "Proof of Use" token that allows anyone to actually use the token to acquire goods and services.  The trick is learning the "Art of the Trade" that comes with the TROPTIONS Training course, weekly Zoom meetings, and the ability to be mentored by someone who has made their wealth with TROPTIONS.

We stair-step the non-technical person through the basics to the place where they are able to make trades that can produce wealth.  Once the rhythm of trading is found, it is always easier to make the next trade.

Fortunately, there is no high entry price to get started.  Most people start with our $295 online course, get in on our weekly Zoom events, and start working with a Mentor.  You can get your first $1000 in TROPTIONS on this site, and watch them grow in your wallet.  When you are ready, you will make your first deal.  After that, things get pretty exciting.  There seems to be no end to the things the TROPTIONS can acquire.

The ability to dig into the foundations of this crypto asset and understand how it works for $295 is a great way to start your entry into the crypto world.  Owning, using, and profiting from TROPTIONS is something anyone can do.

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We are in a decisive moment in History

Crash of DollarThe dollar and fiat currencies are losing value and are literally going to give way to the new digital economy.  Several countries (El Salvador, Malta, Belarus, Holland, and Vietnam) have already made cryptocurrency legal.  Several states are crypto-friendly such as, Florida, South Carolina, Montana, and Wyoming.  

What is happening that makes these choices so important.  The conjecture is that these states are preparing for the crash of the dollar and see the importance of an alternate currency that will allow businesses to continue regardless of Washington D.C. policies.  This means that the momentum is moving and picking up steam and the dollar value dropped by more than 6.8% in 2021.  

People are concerned about their ability to maintain their families as the price of everything skyrockets and gas prices are headed about $5 per gallon.  There is trouble at pour doorstep.

We are inviting some of the most dynamic people in every community to connect with our program and establish the Safety Net Economy that can and will keep a community from financially crashing with the U.S. dollar.  The dollar may not survive another two years before the crash occurs.

We invite anyone seeking to protect their family, their livelihood, their wealth, and their community to start with the Certified TROPTIONS Training course, and consider the amazing opportunity to actually profit from what everyone knows is coming.  The concept is simple, invite people to use the free mobile app for TROPTIONS, quickly earn a supply of these trade assets, and begin introducing our program to local merchants.