Spendable Crypto is the New Digital Currency

Digital Currency cryptoWhile we are awash with the thousands of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, NFTs, mining and staking options, lending or borrowing on your crypto wallet holding; is there a second to get an understanding if there is any floor below the hype?  It doesn't seem like it, so let's take some time to explain two basic crypto concepts.  That focus is on the EXCHANGE of crypt

Troptions Lawsuit is Dismissed

Troptions Lawsuit DismissedNo cryptocurrency has made its way to credibility without a variety of bumps and bruises.  A recent lawsuit in Georgia concerning the use of Troptions used in an offer to purchase real estate was challenged by a prestigious Atlanta law firm was the cause of the action.  The over-zealous lawsuit made claims of fraud, misrepresentation, and even racketeering.   Such tactics are often intended to bully the defendant and get an early concession.  This lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice ending any further action.

The defendant was a sincere proponent of cryptocurrency.  It is now common knowledge that cryptocurrencies are being used to buy all kinds of acquisitions.  Bitcoin is now working with VISA to use Bitcoin for store-based purchases.  Tesla is now experimenting by selling some smaller items for Dogecoin.  The TROPTIONS GOLD trade asset token has been used for more than a decade to trade for cars, boats, jewelry, real estate, and much more.  

Best Way to Buy TROPTIONS

Best Buy TroptionsCryptocurrency is still a mostly strange concept.  While others have plunged ahead and proclaimed cryptocurrency as the future of currency and trade.  Not everyone is so sure and aren't ready to make the jump into cryptocurrency.  TROPTIONS is perhaps one of the oldest and best-situated crypto asset, it represents a distinct market concept that is not based on investment speculation.  Instead, the earliest foundations of TROPTIONS was the expressed commitment to create a trade asset or "Digital Currency?

TROPTIONS are not like most cryptocurrencies.  Why not?  Those who believe in TROPTIONS as a "Proof of Use" token do not want to see TROPTIONS experience the immense fluctuations you see with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum.  The huge influencers in the crypto market have used their influence, status, and massive wealth to "Blow up a Cryptocurrency" knowing that a social media announcement will cause the herd to follow and throw their money into the coin.  Then, when they have the proper moment, they bail with millions more and the small investors what the cryptocurrency drop by 40%.  

The Spendable Cryptocurrency

Spendable CryptocurrencyWhile all the attention about cryptocurrency is focused on "The Next Big Thing" and the overnight creation of techno-millionaires, many are left watching the mad scramble to launch a cryptocurrency coin, token, or NFT.  For the rest who didn't jump into Bitcoin or Dogecoin very early on are left watching the exchange index pushing up only to fall a week later.  Honestly, how much has the novice typical investor made over the last year?  

What Happens When Stores Accept Cryptocurrency?

Tight Money and CryptoHere's a really critical question?  What happens when area stores start accepting cryptocurrency?  Some will be worried that the cryptocurrency might lose value in the ups and downs of the indexes.  True, but that cryptocurrency is more likely to trend upward than down.  We already know that fiat currency, like the dollar, is trending steadily down.  So, my bet is that a good cryptocurrency is going to deliver more value than holding dollars.

Could this be the Best Time to Buy TROPTIONS?

Buy TroptionsWithout making it sound like inside information, there is ample general information that indicates that TROPTIONS are at a dip just prior to some important advances.  Like a sleeping giant, the potential of a trade asset represents something of serious value that has serious implications in a strong inflation cycle.  TROPTIONS represent an alternate currency that is far more than s listing on an exchange.   

How to Sell my TROPTIONS?

Sell TroptionsIf you own TROPTIONS, you may be wondering how to sell your TROPTIONS, or "Cash Out".  Many cryptocurrencies are not exchangeable for cash.  This question haunts a variety of people who own cryptocurrencies.  You will find some cryptocurrencies are characterized as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which were not intended to be easily sold but were intended to represent a secure ownership interest to some digital or real asset.

At this time, TROPTIONS are not listed on an exchange, and there are reasons for this that may seem frustrating to those who think that TRADING is the way to wealth.  


Troptions TradingOne of the valuable aspects of TROPTIONS is that they are meant to be trades.  TROPTIONS trading simply means that this crypto token is more than a speculation opportunity.   It may surprise many that as much as eight billion dollars in TROPTIONS are exchanged each month.  That is shocking news to some who do not yet realize that there is a powerful

Buying Anything with Cryptocurrency

wallpaperMoney is only as good as what it can buy.  In post-war Germany, it was said that it took a wheelbarrow of German Marks to buy a loaf of bread.  Due to bad policies and excessive printing of paper money, the currency was actually used as wallpaper.  Hyperinflation happens when there is overprinting of money, excessive debt, and a lack of confidence in government policies.

The Day the Dollar Died

Silver certificate

Unless you were around in 1971, you might not recall that President Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the Gold Standard.  The most stable form of currencies are the ones that fix their value to some credible value.  The dollar shown above is the Silver Certificate reads "One Silver Dollar Payable to the Bearer on Demand."  Since this piece of paper included a promise that it could be redeemed for silver, it was hard to cause inflation as long as silver had a strong value.


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